Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Holidays!

With the Holiday Season in full swing I've been extremely busy! We are still working hard to get the funds needed to get to China. I must admit it has been hard work, but it has been rewarding and well worth it. Since my last post we have raised a large amount of funds. We were blessed to have a banquet that raised more than $5,000. I'm so grateful for all of the volunteers that gave up a Sunday to help and all who attended. It was a huge success. The following week a wonderful group of Children in Yukon, OK put on a talent show to raise money. This was extremely heartwarming! These kids put on a show that blew us away. I couldn't believe how talented these little ones were. I heard the sweetest singing voices, enthusiastic dancing, and a hoola hoop performance that I can't stop talking about. Thanks to Perma Jessup and all the participants. It was a Saturday well spent.
We are now getting ready for a bowling tournament sponsored by the bowling team at Southwestern Christian University. This event will be held on Sunday December 11 at Holiday Lanes Bowling Center in Oklahoma City, OK. The event will be from 12-6pm. Contact Coach Shaun Koonce today for more information at  (405) 863-7132. The cost is $60 per team (4 member teams).

Demarion has been working so hard lately. I can't wait to get him to China and get him that boost to help him achieve even more goals. Just two weeks ago he used his left hand, something he hasn't done in almost three years. His therapists are working even harder to prepare him for China. They have been so supportive and helpful.
As I think about what I am thankful for during this holiday season, it's pretty easy. I'm thankful for a loving family, supportive friends and caring strangers. I'm thankful for the kind words and warming hugs from people who are touched by the miracle of Demarion. I'm thankful for a team of hardworking, thinking outside of the box doctors and therapists that have become like family on this journey to get Demarion better.

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